Hello hello! Welcome to Neocai. Neocai is a space where I practice my coding and force everyone to look at my interests. Please read more about me on the about tab!

Update! 11/05/2023
Added a mood updater! Updated some info and formatted some things again. That's all. Just having some fun.

Update! 3/20/2023
Just a few boring formatting.. font stuff.. zzzz boring stuff. Enjoy

Update! 2/24/2023
Added some nice little scrollboxes in the iframes for some style and easier legibility, I know it's looking a little blank on the homepage so I'll be brainstorming some things to put in there. σ( ̄、 ̄〃) Also planning to put some titles on the boxes. + New blog posted!

Update! 2/4/2023
For the sake of legibility once again I reslzed the main box of page and the iframe, especially keeping in mind the blog page which looked a little cramped and I created a button if you'd like to link back to my site (check the bottom right!). Updated the style of the blog page. Thank you VERY much for 6.5k views! Where are you people finding me? Leave a note~

Update! 1/22/2023
Played around more with the fonts to make the site more legible and stylized. Added some info on about me and reformatted. New blog post will be coming later this week, college started!

Update! 1/15/2023
Where to begin.. new blog post! new chatbox (to the left), please leave a nice message! Added graphics and a nice title. New track added to the music player to the right! Please click around and have fun. I've been working hard on my site so I'll be taking a couple day break from coding.

Update! 1/13/2023
Did you notice..? The Iframe (the thing that holds the text in the middle box) is now perfectly aligned with the paint box. Not too bad huh? + new landing page!

Update! 1/9/2023
We now have real text here. Yippee!

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JuJutsu Kaisen Season 2

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"Breasts and Eggs" by Mieko Kawakami

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"Persephone" by Cocteau Twins
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